About Karen

My intention, as a holistic health practitioner, is to aid in the relief of pain and stress by helping to increase general health through therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy, yoga and homeopathy.  This offering gives clients an array of choices for optimizing their health and wellness, through a mind-body approach--entering the sphere of integrated wellness using any one or more of these approaches, wherever they feel drawn or need.

I began my holistic journey by studying nutrition, indoor air pollution and stress management at the Empire State College in Nyack, NY, and then, graduated in 1993 from the Swedish Institute in Manhattan, NY, having studied massage therapy.  I bought a ten-year-old massage practice, at that time, in Nyack NY, where I maintained a full-time clientele. In 2007,  I moved my office to Tarrytown, NY, where I am currently.

From the early years and throughout, I have steadily augmented my education; incorporating skills such as, prenatal massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, therapeutic touch and shiatsu.  Also, craniosacral therapy and neuromuscular movement therapy training were added into my approach. Craniosacral therapy was studied at the Upledger Institute.  Neuromuscular movement re-education was learned through, Sara Vogeler, in NYC, who studied under Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's School of Body-Mind Centering of Northampton, Massachusetts.

In due course, I've become experienced with helping those with conditions like, arthritis, fibromyalgia, torticollis scoliosis, sprains, whiplash, tendinitis, stress, anxiety, headaches and Parkinson's disease. What's more, I practice my own meditation regularly and am proficient in teaching mindful meditation.

Continuing to expand upon my scope, homeopathic-foundation training was received at the Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy, in the beautiful Hudson Valley, NY, where I earned 620 hours of basic and advanced instruction.  At the Homeopathy School International of Loveland Colorado, I earned the additional 400 required clinical training hours prescribed by the Council for Homeopathic Certification and then became a Certified Classical Homeopath through the CHC.

Moreover, a personal understanding of this profound healing method was also attained, prior, through my experience as a homeopathic client for many years, which I hope will also be an asset in helping others through this modality.  Homeopathy has been my preeminent aid in helping to unblock the barriers to optimum health.*  I have seen homeopathy have this effect on many others, as well.*  The incorporation of homeopathy into my offerings is for the purpose of satisfying my wish to be more able to address those additional client requests, which I have received over the years that bodywork may not be able to reach entirely.*

Furthermore, Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga for Arthritis education were completed at Integral Yoga of NYC, which came on the heels of a long established personal yoga practice. During this time, of my own yoga exploration, I concentrated on integrating my knowledge of neuromuscular re-patterning with the science of yoga asana. This progression helped to inform my own personal style of teaching.  I love to teach injury prevention and sedentary life recovery to client's who want to establish their own yoga practice, or who want to safely attend a group class.

Throughout most my life, I have sustained an ardent devotion to the harmonies in nature, which have attracted me to my profession.  The heart of my therapeutic approach is to develop a set of individual goals for each client; then, as an art and science, use my knowledge and experience of the healing process to ensure those intentions are achieved.

* Changes are variable from person to person.

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