Information about Homeopathy

I believe homeopathy holds, within it's science and art, many secrets to life...  

As a  help in your research, please visit links:

National Center for Homeopathy:  N.C.H.

Research Library

Homeopathy Research Institute

Here are some conditions I have effectively helped people with: 

 Anxiety,* depression,* cravings,* knee pain,* acid re-flux,* heart palpitations,* chronic allergies,* sleeplessness,* heavy periods,* pain relief from dental bone surgery,* painful periods,* stunted nails,* low blood sugar,* abnormal menstrual bleeding,* arthritis,* P.T.S.D.,* eczema,* molluscum,* menopause headaches,* ADD,* gout,* chronic bronchitis,* circadian rhythm disorders,* hypothyroid,* and others*...

* Changes are variable from person to person.