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I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (R.Y.T.) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with an approved an active Registered Yoga School (R.Y.S.).

As mentioned in my "About Karen" page, I have a background in massage therapy, CranioSacral, Shiatsu and neuro-muscular re-patterning.  I am, also, a certified classical homeopath, which can address underlying constitutional complaints that may stand in the way of a yoga practice or life.

One approach is to teach yoga in conjunction with Neuro-muscular movement patterns with Shiatsu to an individual who wants help with increasing body awareness, movement, address chronic pain; and/or enhance a personal practice at home or within a regular group class. Students may benefit by learning how to avoid injuries and move past habitual patterns gaining a new level they never thought possible.

Yoga styles that are emphasized are, Yoga for Arthritis; Integral foundational yoga poses presented in an active deliberate and grounding way, which is more yang and builds muscle strength and alignment.  Additionally, Yin Yoga is offered, in order to address fascia (connective tissue).  This includes the deeper innermost structures of the body, like the joints, and connects with the deeper parts of the soft tissue and, also, the more reflective part of the mind.  It's found to be especially useful for those suffering from chronic pain.  Also, restorative yoga is offered when the need to pause or recover is essential. 

My general approach is individualistic and specific for the kinds of tissues that need support. The anatomy of the body can be classified as more yin or more yang.  Sessions can be uniquely formalized to best meet the client's requirements.  It's interactive and cooperative. This is done in a very pleasant setting with an abundance of props.  

Om shanti, shanti, Om.

Session can include:

-Hatha yoga with specific yoga adjustments/corrections to enhance yoga practice or compliment an exercise regimen or massage

-Therapeutic and/or restorative yoga for arthritis or to recover from injury

-Assistance to help improve range of motion and/or balance

-Yin Yoga

Mind-Body Interventions

Article at Arthritis Foundation

* Changes are variable from person to person.

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